Ten Tors is back

Dartmoor, Devon. The home of the Ten Tors

It’s early May and it’s that time of year where schools across the South West descend onto Dartmoor for the annual Ten Tors challenge.

If you haven’t heard about the Ten Tors challenge before, let me fill you in. You might be thinking ‘ten tors’, that sounds like a doddle?’ but believe me, it’s gruelling.

The team’s start the challenge from the Okehampton Camp. If you do get chance see the start, you’ll witness a throng of anxious youngsters (400 teams of six), heading off into the wild with just the clothes on their back and a bloomin’ huge rucksack. Part of the challenge is being able to carry everything you need to survive two days and a night camping on the rough Dartmoor terrain. The teams are faced with 35, 45 and 55 mile hikes, depending on age. Yes, that’s right, 55 miles in just two days! You can see why training is required.

What I love about this weekend is the spirit of adventure and the hours of hard work and training that goes into make it a success by everyone involved. Imagine over 1,000 teenagers spending a whole weekend on Dartmoor, cooking and camping under the stars… there won’t be a screen in sight, and that should be celebrated.

A mention should also go to the Army based at Okehampton, Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and the Dartmoor Rescue Group who all work tirelessly to ensure this event is a success year after year

So, if you’re out on the moor this weekend and see some brow-beaten teens, give them a high five, a bar of chocolate or a good old ‘well done’.

Good luck to everyone taking part, it’ll be a weekend to remember.

If you would like to take part next year, you can visit the offical website here.

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